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Gemini 7855MyBasic

Gemini 7855MyBasic

Brand:  Gemini


7855MyBASIC - Self-managed tracking system

  7855MyBASIC User Guide


 7855MyBASIC - Self-managed tracking system

Self-powered tracking system personally managed via Smartphone or a free web-mapping service. No subscription, no contract needed, works on 'Pay-as-you-Go' SIM card. Alarm notifications go directly to user's mobile phone and all information is retrieved on demand at the cost of a text message. Supplied with two 1-button remote controls, two override keys and wiring loom.

Wireless compatible.


• Google Maps link for vehicle localisation
• Waterproof enclosure (ideal for Motorcycles & Plant machinery)
• Built-in tilt sensor
• Ignition detection
• Engine immobilisation
• Passive arming
• Battery anti-tamper detection & vehicle low battery alerts
• Seat/top case protection (with optional switch)
• Sleep mode
• Battery back-up
• Negative output for siren or horn
• Output for external modules or relay

Programmable features
• Arming/disarming via mobile phone
• Periodic position alert
• Over speed alert