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Gemini G-TRACK Thatcham (Cat 6) approved GPS tracking device

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Gemini G-TRACK Thatcham (Cat 6) approved GPS tracking device

G-TRACK is an Effective, Affordable, GPS tracking and Security System.



• backed by our 24/365 operating centre to protect your vehicle.
• Power cut, low power and tow alerts.
• Location and battery status available through our G-TRACK App.

With G-TRACK you will have the added protection of a 24 hour control centre that will be there to provide you with alerts and support around the clock in the wake of any possible incidents. At Gemini, we pride ourselves with keeping our customers up to date and in the loop about their vehicle investment around the clock, to ensure that if the worst happens we can work with them and the authorities and your local police force (once you have provided a crime reference number) to retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible.

The G_TRACK device ensures that you're fully aware at all times about what is happening to your vehicle. Tow Alerts are an incredibly useful tool as they will immediately notify us and you that your vehicle is being towed. Meaning that you're immediately made aware if your vehicle is being impounded, avoiding fees and allowing you to get your vehicle back as soon as possible. Using this feature along with the tracking device itself allows you to find the final destination that your vehicle has been towed to.


The G-TRACK App is an incredibly useful tool for you to use in conjunction with your G-TRACK Tracking System, and is included entirely free with the device. The App allows you to do a number of things, from checking your vehicle's current location while you're on the go on your mobile device, to keeping an eye on it from home with the G-TRACK Portal. You can also use the app to check your mileage over the last month and check the voltage on your battery. The G_TRACK App and Portal are elements of your tracking service that we are very proud of and that our customers find very useful; it is a service that we constantly look to update and provide new features free of charge to our customers on a regular basis, so that you can fully benefit from the use of our service and your tracking system.

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