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Aftermarket Cruise Controls

The Aftermarket Cruise Control kits allows the driver to cruise at a desired speed by monitoring the vehicle road speed and by finely adjusting the vehicles throttle to maintain that speed. The Speed Limiter feature allows the driver to select a maximum speed that they do not want to exceed (this feature is useful whilst driving in areas with average speed cameras and built up areas)

Options of different control stalks and command modules with set, accelerate, resume, decelerate and On/Off buttons (CM35 has additional coast and memory features). All stalks and command module allow you to tap up or tap down the set speed by 1kph/0.62mph.

Benefits of aftermarket cruise control

• Helps to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions (lowering your carbon footprint).
• Allows you to concentrate on the road and not your speedometer.
• Helps avoid unintended speeding.
• Allows you to set a maximum vehicle speed limit in safety camera enforcement areas.
• Reduce driver fatigue and enhance driver comfort.

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