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Gemini 516MHW

Gemini 516MHW

Brand:  Gemini




6 rear sensors with control unit, speaker and adapters.

The 516MHW is a universal parking system which relies on the reflection of sound waves emitted by ultrasonic detectors spaced equally across the bumpers, to assure the best
read-out. They are easy to install on all types of bumpers, even metallic ones, internally for a flush factory-fitted look or externally with specific adapters.

The PDC (Park Distance Control) system comes with 1 acoustic warning loudspeaker (master device), 1 resin-filled control unit (slave device) and 6 compact waterproof sensors.
The proximity sensors are configurable via the loudspeaker (buzzer) according to your preferences and bumper type.



• The sensors can be fitted all 6 in the bumper or split between the top and bottom of the vehicle (4 in the bumper and 2 at the top to detect high-level obstructions such as overhanging tree branches, porches, low roofs, sign posts etc.).
• Bike rack mode via optional toggle switch, pushes stop zone out to approx. 1m.
• Trailer mode to switch off sensors when towing via optional toggle switch or spare towing socket pin.
• Wireless communication between speaker module and rear sensor module (no cables need to be passed through the vehicle).
• 58kHz sensor heads, small in size and less intrusive, which boast unsurpassed sensitivity.
• Molex connector provides a secure IP-67 sealed connection.
• 360° swivel inner and outer adapters, standard or 10° angled.
• Automatic, self-diagnostic function: system excludes any faulty sensor and keep the other ones active.
• Sensors and fixing can be painted to colour match your vehicle.
• Ease of install, less wiring to run through vehicle.
• Programming of system via speaker or PC.

Main programmable parameters

• sensor detection zone
• stop zone
• suppression of external spare tire/tow hitch/bike rack detection
• speaker volume
• Power supply: 12/24V