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Gemini 7059

Gemini 7059

Brand:  Gemini



Microwave Sensor Detects mass movement within its field of coverage
and is suitable for soft top vehicles or for extra coverage in the rear of a long vehicle eg Van.

protects the vehicle detecting attempts to break into the passengers’ compartment through the emission of
an electromagnetic field (frequency = 2,45 GHz).

The working of the sensor is based on the reflection of the electromagnetic waves when an object, made of a conductive
material, is located on the field.

The measurement of the reflected waves detects the intrusion and triggers the alarm system connected to the sensor.

GEMIN 7059 is insensitive to air movements (wind, thermal air drift, etc.), for this reason it’s suitable to be fitted on pickup
vehicles, convertible cars and vehicle equipped by a sliding sunroof.

Due to the fact that the insulating materials are transparent to the electromagnetic waves it’s possible to fit the sensor
module in a hidden position, e.g. under the passengers compartment carpet.